All You Need to Know about Being a Life Science Advisor

There are many professions available today. And some might surprise you because they need interdisciplinary expertise, such as being a life science advisor. Pharmaceutical, manufacturing industry, medical and food-and-beverage companies need lifesci advising. Even companies that do not directly deal with human consumption still need to consider the environmental impact of their waste. Eco-friendliness is vital in today’s business. Once the press knows that a company has abused its environment in the production process, product boycotts will be inevitable.

A brief picture of life science industry

Extracting the DataLife science industry is any kinds of business that revolve around biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical technologies, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, food processing, and others of which the commercialization efforts have a direct impact on human’s life. This industry handles the primary aspects of life, which makes it very profitable and prone to corruption at the same time. From lifesciencenetwork.com, the life science industry had revenue of $1.7 trillion in 2015. And the profit has been increasing ever since due to the medical technology that has been developing rapidly.

A food and beverage company’s biochemistry advisor can earn anywhere from $62,000 to $90,000 per year. And if working for an oil and gas corporation, the number might increase to $102,000. But it does not mean the being a life science advisor is easy.

What a life science advisor does

Supervising productionA life science advisor should integrate the knowledge of business and marketing with applied science. The profession should excel at communicating science data to nonexperts because what the marketing department needs is a sales prediction and such, not a raw scientific graph on ingredient efficiency. A life science advisor plays the major role in directing the Research and Development Department. Without their expertise, a proper quality control and product innovation will be difficult.

Updating information is also vital for a life science advisor. If left behind, the whole company’s projects might be at stake, which will not be appealing to investors. In the long run, this problem can result in a severe consequence, especially for pharmaceutical companies. Normally, such companies need at least 15 years of research before releasing the products to the public. And they have to calculate every possible risks and outcome during those years. This situation explains why a life science advisor must be very sharp and detailed when predicting the future.

The drawbacks of being a life science advisor

Supervising QualityLifesci advising is fifty percent a gamble. Once you miss it, you are putting big money at stake, and no companies like losing money. The possibility of you to be replaced is always there. And unless the projects are done, the work environment will be very much stressful. Being a life science advisor is tough.

However, you can lighten the burden by choosing to work with an independent life science consulting firm. They provide an outsource force for the purpose. And although the salary will be much less than if you work as an in-house consultant, you can have more time for your life.


Getting Employed Fast with Skill Certification

The competition in today’s employment is fierce. A university degree alone will not guarantee a person to get a job quickly. And most of the time, people with a degree are fixated on only one type of profession, in which there have already been many competitors.

Nevertheless, there are some ways to help you to get a job faster, and getting skill certification is one of them.

Communication skill certification

CommunicatorAn eloquent communicator is always highly appreciated in any business. They can hold the position of a front-desk person, salesperson, up to the stock market broker.

When you want to get communication skill certification, the first thing you need to look for is to know what certificates appeal your target companies the most.

If you are a graduate student, seeking for business communication certificate from Harvard Extension School can help you to stand the tallest during a job application. You will get the training for creating business proposals, presentation, and reports. Public speaking and persuasive communication skills are also in the curriculum so that you will master business language both in written and spoken ways.

edX provides professional certification for everyone everywhere. It is an online based education and certification site managed by experts from Harvard University and MIT and supported by big names in the business, such as Xerox, Staples, CoreCentric Solutions Inc., and Caterpillar. Business communication is in their offered courses, and will not cost you more than fifty dollars.

Validated high school certificates

ValidationThis tip only works for fresh students just graduated from high school and wanting to work. When we submit our high school achievement in the form of a score report, nothing seems outstanding. Your potential employer will hardly notice if you are excellent at one subject, like math, for example, more than the others.

The solution is to make a validated certificate for that specific subject at which you are the best. Choose the right high school diploma template, get it authorized and approved by your high school authority. Include that certificate in your job application documents, and you will increase the chance for you to get hired.

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification

Project managementPMP certification is internationally recognized. The requirements for applying for PMP certification are just: secondary degree, 7,500 hours of being in charge of projects, 35 hours of receiving theoretical knowledge on management. For a degree holder, the certification cuts the hours for directing project into 4,500 hours only.

This certification offers flexibility to professionals from a diverse educational background. As long as you are a determined person and open-minded enough to learn a new skill, getting a PMP certificate will get you to the job of which you have been dreaming.