Different Tests On Unlocked iPhone

An individual unlocking his or her iPhone offers the option of inserting sim cards of different service providers other than the one he or she initially subscribed. It is particularly advantageous to people who travel to various countries of their choice and would wish to use their phones without incurring the extra charges got from the roaming fees. There are numerous tests done on iPhone to check whether they are locked or not. These tests may be free, and some may be required to pay a fee. So the following are some of different tests available done on unlocked iPhones;


Insert another sim card on the iPhone

jhhjhjhjhjInsertion of a new sim card is the standard method which is applied by the majority of iPhone users since it is the simplest way to know if one’s device is locked or not. The condition is an individual should possess two different sim cards from different service providers. The phone is turned off by holding down the wake or sleep button till the option of the slide to power off appears on the screen.

The shutdown is achieved by pushing the red arrow. The sim card holder should be located and remove it by using a paper clip. Insert a new sim card of a different service provider and the card holder closed. Switch on your iPhone and make a call. If the phone is locked no, calls will go through.

Carrier’s settings should be checked

An iPhone user by checking the carrier’s settings is one of the practical methods to know if one’s phone is locked or not. An individual is required to perform the following on his or her phone; settings on the phone display should be tapped and the carrier and cellular tabs located. If the tabs are located, it deduces that the service provider allows a person to change his or her APN or one possesses a phone which is locked. If the cellular data network appears under the mobile bar, it shows one’s phone is unlocked by the service provider. The sim card is removed and switch off the phone. Later on turn on the phone and make sure the carrier status says service unavailable.

IMEI check service will is reliable

bvvxxzwqThis method is easiest to know whether a person’s iPhone is locked or not. The iPhone’s sim lock will be verified by a reliable IMEI check service through information being requested directly from the Apple’s server. The primary role of the server is to track all iPhones and lock status of each device.