Features Of A Diamond Auction

A diamond auction will take price when sellers and buyers buy the diamonds jewelry that will be offered in a bid. The auction is the fastest way of selling anything that you have, and it’s not any different when you are selling the diamond jewelry. The only thing that you have to be careful about this is that you know the way to go about it and the features of selling diamond jewelry by auction. There are many reasons that you may decide to carry on an auction maybe you want to clear the sales, or you want to get the word out about your business no matter the reason no one wants to carry out something that will fail. Below are features of My Diamond Auction.


bnbnbnbhghghThe first thing that you will have to do before you start the auction is making sure that you get the best valuation of the diamond jewelry that you plan on selling at the auction. You don’t want to regret later that you did not get the best from the auction and you will be counting losses later. Valuation will be coming up with the starting price in the auction the price the bid will start from. Make sure that the price of departure is something that the buyers will be able to bid from and something that you will make a profit in the end.


Once you have priced the items, then you take the diamond jewelry into the salesroom. When in the salesroom they will be a catalog description. The catalog description is necessary so that the bidder will know what to tell the buyers about the product. This is a brief description of the product so that the clients will know exactly what they are buying. The catalog description will be something like the size of the jewelry, how many carat, and the shape. When the auction day approaches then the items will be given a lot number, and then they will be polished for the viewing.

During the auction

bnbnbnghghghghWhen it’s the day of the auction the thing that you have to do so that you get the very best is make sure that you talk to the auctioneer and tell him exactly what you want to achieve.  During the auction process the auctioneer will say more about the product then they will place the bid that you will have given them, then the buyers will be given a chance to place their bids.