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How To Store Your Wine

Do you have a bottle of wine that you are planning to store for a specific occasion? The most important issue is to ensure it stays safe until you are ready to consume it. You would want to make sure your wine matures in a favorable environment especially if you bought it expensively. The wine can be naturally ruined if you don’t take good care of it. How will you feel if you open a bottle of wine that is supposed to white in color and it is brownish? That is the reason why it is crucial to store you correctly wine.


It is better to store your wine in a darkened area to prevent UV and sunlight from spoiling your wine when it comes to the amount of light and storage. Regular house light bulbs can pose a problem for the coloring of the label, but it might not be as damaging to the wine itself.


Temperature is critical when it comes to saving your wine. Make sure that you get a place in your house that does not vary in temperature. You need a place that has a constant temperature with exactly the proper amount of humidity. Not too hot nor too cold. The normal temperature for wine storage is anywhere between 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Several wine lovers prefer to buy a wine cooler to store their most precious wines safely. While this is a very good idea for several months, if you intend to store your wine for an extended period this is not a great idea. You can damage the wine longer than few months as the lack of moisture in a chilled place could make the cork to dry out.

Horizontal Storage

bhbhtbhtMany wine fans store their wine of the side so that the corks sustain moisture. This concept is right for those who keep their wines over an extended period. But, if you intend to take your wine within a few weeks or even months this isn’t as relevant. If your wine has an optional seal such as plastic corks or a screw cap you do not have to bother about putting your wine on the side.

There different ways to store both the white and red wine if you are looking for ways but eventually for either kind it is necessary to store it properly for future use.