Kerosene Heaters

Kerosene heaters – cost-effective alternative to electric heating

A lot of people view kerosene heaters as an archaic method of heating. However, in reality, they are cost effective and great source of heat. The majority of the people think of ancient glass lamp when thinking of kerosene heaters. There are several high-efficient kerosenes and modern heating systems currently on the market.

The good thing about kerosene heaters is that they have impressive BTU production. The units are powerful enough to warm large living areas at a reasonable cost. Although a lot of people enjoy the ease of use of space heaters, the main disadvantage is the high cost of operation. You can check some top models at Electrical bills are now skyrocketing in the recent years. Thus, kerosene is the viable option to explore.


You need to note that kerosene can be stored for several years. Contrary to what most people believe, it is not dangerous to store as compared to other household chemicals. In fact, it should be regarded as much safer than the gas heating systems. For instance, for gas heating systems, even small leaks are catastrophic. Even something simple as pilot light can lead to an entire room filling with gas. Moreover, you risk fire and combustion. It is true gas fumes can be hazardous to your family members.


This is another amazing advantage of kerosene. You may be having a workshop or garage, which is constantly cold during the winter. There is no need to have an extra ductwork running to this area as it can cause injuries. Also, you are wasting a lot of BTU’s from main living places of your home. Households that have a freestanding structure, which is not attached to a home, you should not even consider that as an option.

Easy to use

It is qtg2wedrf2w5edtr26ey62y27u282uite simple to fill and turn on a kerosene heater. In fact, you are free to use it as required. It is necessary to note that kerosene heaters are great for outdoor or camping activities. This is because there are no gas lines, power outlets, or pilot lights to deal with. You only need to set it down and turn it on. In this way, you will be enjoying efficient and comfortable heating immediately.

There is nothing that is quite relaxing as compared to enjoying warmth during winter. With the rising gas and electricity bills, there is no surprise that people across the globe are looking for alternative means of energy. The fact that you can now heat a given part of your home, it is worth investing in it.