Considerations when Buying Air Cooled Chiller

You can buy the correct chiller for your budget, size estimates and needs when you know what to look for and where to find your desired chiller. You should consider a few things before settling on any offer for an air cooled chiller.

The demand considerations

The demand for the chiller affects the options you have. You should check whether you have one process that needs cooling or several processes that will require the cooler. You must also look at the urgency of cooling at your facility. Some processes will require simultaneous cooling while others can use a multi-step approach. You should also keep in mind the lowest temperature required by the process and the total flow needed. This information will ensure you get the appropriate cooler for the situation. The variation of the process flow is another thing worth looking into since variation may lead to higher demand for chillers. Lastly, you will be paying attention to the maxim water pressure that the process will require.

Equipment considerations

You should focus on the right equipment characteristics to find the best fit for your company. For instance, check for an existing cooling tower and any extra space available. You must also examine the existence of free capacity in the cooling tower in case you are going with an air-cooled chiller. The chiller will mostly function for cases where you need temperature below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

You should also look at your power source regarding voltage and hertz and the rated power input for the equipment. Lastly, confirm whether the equipment will support expansion in future.

Considerations for air coolers

When settling for air-cooled chillers, check whether you are getting a portable indoor chiller since it is the most practical for mobile use in small-scale process demands. You can also consider the packaged or central chillers that will have an indoor heat reclaim. They will also use an air-cooled condenser and have an exhaust duct for letting out the air. You need to ensure that there is appropriate spacing for holding the exhaust duct. The outdoor demands will lead you to a remote outdoor air-cooled condenser that will rely on ambient air moving technology to use cooled air for reducing temperatures for the target processes.

Factors to ask about when purchasing

Ask for the following specifications when you get to the dealership. Ask about the material used for constructing the equipment. The material used to make it will affect usability and longevity. Many manufacturers are moving towards stainless steel material because of its potential to avoid rusting. You should also check for the panels, pumps, tanks, and frames that come with the chiller to ensure they are compatible. The components to ask about including any off-the-shelf choices or customized options that will affect the overall cost of maintenance. Check the efficiency ratings and the operation manual. Ask details about warranty and the maintenance recommendations from the suppliers. In most cases, chillers will have an easy to follow operations guide and a one or two-year warranty.